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Help everyone enjoy the experience of safely floating above the waterline. Our simple but effective flotation design allows users of all sizes and challenges to relax and take in the wellness benefits of in-water Zero Gravity.

Get there faster, safer, and stay above the waterline. See the Water Safety store below!  

Welcome to the world of the Float'nThang®, where everyone is safer above the waterline. There are hundreds of flotation devices out there. What makes ours unique is how we view water sports as a stress-free approach to fitness through the benefits of Zero Gravity. Utilizing the different floating positions, you will feel relief from muscle, joint, and back pain. Get the results you want, while enjoying a fun, floating experience. Our mission is to create a device that will ease your body, relax your mind, and give you the health you crave. We'll build the Float'n Thang®️ Gang community one by one with dedicated souls like you.

Let's help cut back on unnecessary drownings. When in deep or moving water, such as lakes, rivers, oceans, always good to use your life vest.


A few years ago I had an injury and aquatic therapy was recommended. I began searching for something that I could use in the water as a mobile seat, that was comfortable for my back. I started experimenting with different devices, but everything came up short. No matter what I tried, I could not find the comfort and functionality I was seeking. This inspired me to create my own invention, and here it is! By incorporating everything on my check-list, it became something even bigger and better than imagined. I called it the "Float'nThang". Why? Because every time and anywhere people saw me using it, they asked, "What IS that floatin' thang? Doug Masi.

Why other floats are restrictive in movement?

When you see someone floating, they are generally floating in a sitting position above the water or on a solid float (vests or noodles) in the water which limits the benefits of zero gravity. Quite often they don't allow you to float high enough above the waterline, nor do they provide beverage holders. The Float'n Thang allows individuals to float freely. The float allows for full arm and leg movement, as well as quick maneuverability (in-water pedaling) with ease & comfort.

Zero Gravity Float'n Thang Stretches

Flexibility Stretches

The Float'n Thang can be manipulated for an array of stretches. Swimming can be very strenuous, while just standing around is boring. However, the Float'n Thang enables more fun and flexibility, low-impact exercise, and allows you to enjoy the whole experience more! It allows the users to experience and feel the benefits of weightlessness or zero gravity. Finally something for the lower back in relaxation and low-impact therapy.

A Perfect Device for Aquatics

LivAbility Magazine

"This is a float that individuals with disabilities or physical limitations find so buoyant, it is allowing them to float independently for the first time, even if their legs are not functioning."

Full story and others posted under PR at FloatnThang.com

How well does it work?

Relax - Exercise - Fun

Read about the first user of the new inflatable version Float'n Thang.  

I’m elated to share our daughter’s swimming experience using your new inflatable flotation device. She was thrilled to be able to swim freely without fear and with no one having to hold on to her. We so enjoyed swimming side by side together once again!

Mom and Daughter's Review  
Wellness Personal Flotation Device by Float'n Thang

Our Brand

Our Innovation in flotation is helping everyone float independently, allowing the benefits of Zero Gravity wellness to soothe our minds and heal our bodies, all while having fun.

New & Improved Inflatable Thang - Shipping Free to your door in days. Kick off summer with in-water wellness that allows you to feel free

Wellness Personal Flotation Device

Water Safety during Fun Times

The founder of Float'n Thang® Doug Masi stated, "It hurts me to see drownings that easily could have been avoided". Lake Pleasant had two drownings in the last two weekends. People get excited to be on the water, and during the spring months here in Arizona, the air might be warm, but the water temps are in the low 60s at the surface and colder just below the surface. Individuals find themselves cramping up and dropping below the surface, not coming back up.  See story here on Fox 10 Phoenix

The solid Float'n Thang is designed with a high-quality solid foam contoured to fit one's core. The photo on the right of one happy client who is over 300 lbs. He stated that "I have never been able to float and enjoy floating until now. Thanks to having a quality personal flotation device that can hold me comfortably above the waterline. A vest and or other inflatables are not comfortable, and most don't hold me above the waterline."

We are pleased to say the Inflatable Thang version is more buoyant and adjustable to comfort. Each float comes with a carry strap and safety loop for attaching a line. We recommend getting any decent safety leash that can fit around the wrist. See video overview here.

Keep in mind this is not a life-saving device. When in deep water use of a life vest is always recommended.

Perfect beach pillow and flotation device
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The Float'n Thang - One Float Above the Others

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Our customers love us

fitness flotation called the floatnthang

"I've gotten the best results of in-water floating. No other flotation until The Float'n Thang would float me correctly as I'm 326 lbs." Great for my back relief.

- Ray (Lake Pleasant, AZ)

floating safety

"My son feared pools so I wanted him to take swimming lessons. He really gained confidence in the water after he used my Float'n Thang! Now he can't wait to get in and I can't get him out."

- Julie (Orlanda, Fl)

"I'm an avid boater and just love the multi-functions of the Float'n Thang. It's great as a quick boat bumper, too. I can grab the Thang, jump in the water, and feel the stress leave my back in Zero Gravity immediately.

- Paul G (MI)

Special needs deserve to float like everyone else
Reduce Stress Today. A device that can support the lower back


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